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A luxury publication for the affluent residents of Los Angeles, Hills Views & Valleys gives your brand the opportunity to reach the LA market and surrounding areas. We especially target readers in West Hollywood, Hollywood, Studio City and Beverly Hills. Expand brand-awareness and display your services and products to an elite market!

Hills, Views & Valleys seeks to constantly expand our exposure and following. Our digital landscape currently includes, where readers can access the latest issue of the magazine from their laptops and mobiles, browsing beautiful images and thought provoking content from anywhere.

To bring greater traffic to our website, we also offer online exclusive services, content and resources. Presently, we are in the process of launching a robust social media campaign to attract and captivate LA readers through posting, tagging, and interaction. By working with high-profile names and brands, we aim to spread awareness of the Hills, Views & Valleys image, and create new channels of interaction — meaning greater exposure for you. We recognize that social media can place our vision of housing and lifestyle before thousands of unique individuals and garner further attention for advertisers. This is our priority.

In addition to offering print advertising in our magazine, we currently offer online display advertising that is effective and economical. In the near future, we will be offering social media advertising and product features.

Hills, Views & Valleys is distributed on newsstands in reader-friendly areas such as businesses and boutiques, and hotel rooms and restaurants. We also deliver door-to-door in select neighborhoods in West Hollywood, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Studio City. By making sure that our magazine reaches readers in places where we can capture their attention and immerse them in our content, our distribution strategy maximizes audience awareness.

If you’re interested in making your business or boutique a distribution point, please view our Advertising page to learn more and inquire about advertising opportunities.

First Edition Coming Summer 2020

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