You eat and drink organic, and even grow some herbs for your kitchen adventures.
Your cheese is imported.
Your medical care is concierge based.
Your cars are Italian, or German, or electric.
You may have a driver on call (not Uber or Lyft).
When you stop in to your neighborhood bistro they greet you by name and ask if you want your “usual.”
Wine is a staple in your home. Almond milk, eggs, wine…is how your grocery list begins.
You belong to a tennis or golf or yacht club.
You have no idea that diamonds could ever be faux. Cubic what?
You can recognize the works of The Impressionists.
Your scotch is only single malt and your vodka is Russian.
Your home is graced with fresh flowers at all times.
You own a drawer full of designer sunglasses, and think there are still more to acquire.
You don’t look at price tags when you shop.
If you like a shirt or shoes, you buy them in all the colors they have.
Work is not really work, as you do what you love and have grown it into a profession.
You don’t travel on the holidays as you don’t like to fight the crowds.
You own at least one other home, and possibly a jet to get you there.
Flying commercial is at least done in Business Class.
You are global entry approved and your passport is never expired.
Your pets have more toys than most children.
Your home looks like a feature in Architectural Digest, inside and out.
You may have a staff to maintain your home.
It is really hard to buy you a birthday present as you buy whatever you want all year.
You volunteer for events for charity with sincerity.
Your children are well educated and respectful of others.
Your home is organized and you have everything you need, but still consider your wants.
You have a circle of friends who you adore and they you.
You take care of others.
All of your income is disposable.
You love to laugh.
The sky is always blue for you over your glass half full of anything.
You love your life and are grateful for each blessing and every hard earned moment.

If any or all of these statements apply, then… lucky you. You have developed your personal lifestyle and are living it large.

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