Obsidian Cufflinks

When you’re dressing to impress, there’s no better way to polish off your look than with a pair of luxury cufflinks. These staples of modern gentlemen’s wear give off the aura of stern professionalism and sophistication. Trimming your cuffs closely to you with cufflinks is a way to demonstrate your youth, your class, and your elegance. Cufflinks provide the extra touch of luxury to any ensemble, helping you elevate your look from ordinary to extraordinary.

These obsidian cufflinks provide an extra layer of luxury and refinement to your daily wear. Obsidian is a fine metal that provides a dazzling shimmer of dark black to your look. When placed against pristinely white and trimmed shirtsleeves, your obsidian cufflinks will stand out as a luxury accessory that broadcasts your sophistication and eye for the finer details. Perfect for formal events or business meetings, these obsidian cufflinks are the very emblem of professionalism and class.

These fine cufflinks make the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. Be it your significant other, father, son, or dear friend, gifting these cufflinks sends the signal that you believe your intended recipient deserves the finest and most luxurious of things in life. With these elegant and luxurious cufflinks in their closet, any man will dazzle and impress as a man of sheer luxury, elegance, and class.


Luxury Redefined

Hills Views & Valleys
Jan/ Feb 2021

$9.95 US/CAD

Premier Edition

Hills Views & Valleys
Aug / Sept. 2020

$5.95 US/CAD