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Want to contribute to the Hills Views and Valleys magazine and/or advertise with us?

Get a hard copy or digital version of our media kit(s) and sample issues mailed to you by completing the form on our Media Kit page.

Please indicate the kind of advertising — 
feature, print display ad, or online ad — you are considering placing with our magazine so we include the appropriate materials. Features and print advertisements appear throughout our three-month distribution period. Online advertisements can be purchased for weekly or monthly runs.

Features Package

Hills, Views & Valleys understands that different advertising partners have different needs, and so we offer features for select advertisers. If you desire, we offer creative collaboration to integrate your vision with our magazine. Our in-house writers and photographers will work with you to develop ad copy and images that fit seamlessly with the Hills, Views & Valleys brand. Your product or service will be given a feature story on a 2, 4 or 6-page spread.

Should you prefer to submit your own copy and images, you can do so by submitting materials for editorial review and purchasing at our standard feature rate once approved.


Online Advertising

Advertisement on allows your brand to reach an ever-expanding audience. Readership is not just local, but national and international. Plus, online advertising options mean that you can link directly to your website. Our minimum website purchase is one week; ads purchased for less than a month will be billed at the indicated weekly rate.

Hills, Views & Valleys thanks you for your consideration and looks forward to working with you.

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