Vintage Collectible Explorer’s Gear

Many can remember the first time they heard a tale of an explorer or pirate as a child; the swashbuckling tales of the sea, the balmy breezes and extraordinary discoveries, the exciting and adventurous life of a wild and dangerous adventurer. Bring a luxury spin to your explorer’s dreams by adding some vintage and collectible explorer’s gear into your home or office decor.

These top-tier pieces are well-loved and historic, made with the finest quality materials from many years ago. The cracked leather is gently and smoothly soothed back to life, the glass lenses of the binoculars as sharp as ever. Hold these binoculars or looking glasses to your eyes and see through the same viewfinders that hundreds of sailors or adventurers may have used, casting your eyes to your next great adventure with hope and enthusiasm.

This luxury, solid gold compass will help you along your way as well. Made of only the finest quality metals, compasses were an explorer’s best friend and safety net as they made their way through vast and unknown lands. Keep a luxury and collectible compass with you to remind yourself of the journey ahead and to inspire a positive and adventurous future filled with mystery, adventure, and discovery. With these vintage collectibles in your possession, you’re equipped to become the best luxury explorer of the modern world. Adventure is out there, and it’s yours for the taking.


Luxury Redefined

Hills Views & Valleys
Jan/ Feb 2021

$9.95 US/CAD

Premier Edition

Hills Views & Valleys
Aug / Sept. 2020

$5.95 US/CAD