Hills Views & Valleys is a premier print and
digital quarterly publication.

Hills Views & Valleys is dedicated to living life in the best possible fashion.

Our mission is to inspire and inform; to curate for our readers the details to craft a life well-lived. Through the arts and culture and commerce and community, our publication encompasses all aspects of a luxurious life.  Hills Views & Valleys is the portal into fine home design and acquisition, visionary lifestyle trends, and scintillating entertainment news to captivate our readers.

Hills Views & Valleys is headquartered in Beverly Hills, California and driven by demand for the ultimate in every aspect of life. Our silk-laminated pages and library-like composition deliver a cherished venue for ad placement that is not easily discarded. The focus on luxury in business, fashion, beauty and wellness, entertainment, and social trends is imparted with thoughtfully written articles alongside stunning photographic imagery.

Otis W. Jones

Founder / Publisher

Born of inspiration for all things spectacular, Hills Views & Valleys is the culmination of a successful life in the financial services and real estate fields.

An accomplished innovator with patents and trademarks to his credit in the realms of health and fitness app development, children’s entertainment, product innovation, and brand coordination, the establishment of this magazine was a natural progression. With each issue Otis W. Jones brings to life his visions and impressions of what living a luxurious life can mean for every reader, be they a small business owner or a billionaire.

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For lovers of life, this decadent publication introduces patrons to little known and gloriously celebrated brands that make life truly worth living. With each issue painstakingly curated, Otis finds personal enrichment and springboards to plans for greater expectations and growth for the publication.

While based in Beverly Hills, California, Otis exudes the charm of a native North Carolinian and the genteel and gentlemanly practices that are common regionally. Always quick to lend a hand to another, he values honor, integrity, and good manners.

At any given time, you will find him researching the newest trends, visiting drool-worthy real estate, offering suggestions on the best in interior design, and expanding his growing network of business affiliations, which each in some way have made all of this possible. Hills Views & Valleys has been a labor of love, and it is a product of his life experiences and visualizations, created and crafted simply for the enjoyment of others.

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Cathy Lyn Brooks

Editor / Senior Writer

Cathy Lyn was transplanted to California from New York at the tender age of 3 and is grateful to have grown up in the exciting environs of the Los Angeles area. Agreeing with the Beach Boys, there is nothing that compares to being a “California girl.”

Always chosen last at sports, but always first to speak up for what is right and to defend another, she cannot attend a crusade without departing as the leader. Reading and organizational skills developed early on, and straight A’s catapulted her into a full academic scholarship to the University of Southern California (USC).

For over 30 years she has authored a column on consumer issues and her work has appeared in syndicated newspapers as well as in blogs, on websites, and in other forms of media. A persuasive writer, Cathy Lyn values the power of words and the limitless ideas that can be conveyed to a reader. With a background in marketing, financial, and legal matters and a voracious appetite for knowledge she reads… a lot.

A former hand model and lifelong animal lover, she has personally found homes for over 40 displaced dogs and cats through personal networking and continues to carry on these meaningful efforts.