Fashion is defined as a popular trend, especially in the manner of dress, adornment or manners of behavior. As a verb, it is a way of doing something or the essence of how something is created.

In Los Angeles, and her surrounding enclaves, fashion is indeed an action verb. While the runways of Milan and Paris may debut what is born from the talent cultivated by designers around the world, L.A. is where fashion works it’s magic. Los Angeles is the epicenter of fashion and it is worn and lived in with pride and passion. 

Stepping out into the sights and sounds of the wonders of the greater Los Angeles area, you will experience first hand what it means to be fashionable. From the clubs of the Hollywood strip to the boutiques on Beverly, everything that is new is displayed and beckoning.

Hills Views & Valleys carefully curates the best of the best in all things fashionable. While high style evening fashion is showcased to the world on the red carpet, the locals and celebrities shop and wear Stella McCartney, James Perse, Hale Bob, Trina Turk and others for daily jaunts to Gelson’s and lunches at The Ivy.

The city hosts Fashion Week annually and features clothing artists of the world such as the handmade works of art by Fabiana Milazzo, the elegant clothing of Veronica Vallenes, and the fabulous works of Irina Marchuk, to name but a few.

Trunk shows are de rigueur for those in the know who want to be the first on the scene in the looks of the moment be it for shoes, resort wear, or status handbags. Jewelry fashion is over the top with classic designs by traditional luxury houses such as Harry Winston, and groundbreaking designs culled from rising talents in both fine and semi-precious categories. The Jewelry District is home to many fine purveyors and a trip to the center in downtown Los Angeles will literally take your breath away.

Fine menswear abounds as men in these environs take fashion as seriously as the opposite sex does. From a simple, yet coveted Hermes tie to bespoke suiting, shirts and accessories at Indocino in Beverly Hills, or threads with a California heritage vibe at General Quarters on La Brea, you will see fashion trends of every type, for everyone in your life showcased in Hills Views & Valleys.

While fashions may change, style endures and Hills Views & Valleys will be on the cutting edge of styles for all of the fashions in your life.