Personal Wellness

Along with the sunshine, Los Angeles is known worldwide for it’s tremendous population of, quite simply put, beautiful people. That looking good is at found at a higher rate per capita is not accidental in this fair city.

Healthy trends germinate and blossom in Los Angeles and her surrounding hamlets. Here, people’s livelihoods can depend on their appearance. It takes poise and stamina to walk that long red carpet, or to shop until you drop on the streets of Beverly Hills proper, so people really do take care of themselves.

Here you can find nearly a dozen types of yoga, organic food shops and bistros, and exercise studios frequented by celebrities who are walking advertisements for them. But wellness is not all about vanity and beauty. True wellness is health centered and Hills Views & Valleys will bring you the newest data on what is true and good and what to filter as you set your personal wellness standards.

Wellness is all encompassing and includes both mind and body. A massage may seem like pampering, but the health benefits include lower blood pressure, increased circulation, and it has been compared to a gentle work out.

Our experts in the field will bring you the latest and greatest concepts to keep you “in the pink.” We will deliver such essentials as the cocktails that a dietitian drinks, how to boost the efficacy of a simple cup of tea, and why a cat nap is amazing for your brain…all the news you need to make every moment of the day, and every move you make, count toward your wellness goals.

Since the city is so vast and the wellness resources so ample, Hills Views & Valleys will sort the data and present to you the best of the best, whether you seek a day spa, an intensive program, or want to experiment with mediation, acupuncture or other Eastern remedies.

Wellness and healthy living is a fluid concept and our publication will be your guide on the path to your health and well-being.

A long journey begins with a single step and Hills Views & Valleys will be your Sherpa in the climb to excellence, making every step count in the most pleasant way possible.