Unagi Scooters

The Model One

 Take your daily transportation to the next level with Unagi Scooters. These luxury portable motorized scooters make your morning commute to work in the city smooth, fast, and simple. A single click extends your Unagi Scooter into a comfortable, full-sized, powerful electric scooter that drives easily and fluidly; you’ll feel like you’re floating on air. The powerful handlebar system controls intuitively based on your needs and provides top-tier LED technology and responsiveness so you can adjust your speed, brake, and headlight at the press of a button. Sleekly designed and smoothly integrated into the uniform design of the bike, your Unagi scooter makes transportation luxurious.

A patented one-click folding system ensures that your scooter is easily portable, designed, and set-up for your maximum comfort. It’s extremely lightweight and easy to carry when the Unagi is not in use, and its streamlined and effortless luxe design makes it a top technology accessory that complements any outfit or office space. Your ride on the Unagi Scooter is gentle and impact-free, so you can get where you need to go without any disruptions to your normal life. It’s environmentally friendly and extremely convenient, providing instant transportation access in one luxe technology package.

Your Unagi Scooter is made with only the most luxurious of design components to help design a top-tier approach to transportation. Unagi motors are entirely custom-built utilizing rare-earth neodymium magnets and a proprietary monitoring system to prevent overheating. The Unagi has been painstakingly optimized for performance, efficiency, responsiveness and longevity, making it an essential part of your luxury transportation line-up and a fantastic tool for daily transport that’s clean, powerful, and fun.


Luxury Redefined

Hills Views & Valleys
Jan/ Feb 2021

$9.95 US/CAD

Premier Edition

Hills Views & Valleys
Aug / Sept. 2020

$5.95 US/CAD