1925 Rolls Royce Jockard Phantom

United Kingdom Concours d’elegance at Hampton Court Palace

September 3-5 2021

Finely tuned mechanics, sleek and signature silhouettes, recognizable features and soothing engine purrs: these are the sounds of luxury automobiles in action. Classic and vintage car designs brought to life some of the most glamorous and luxurious cars the world has ever seen, ranging from unique Bugatti Coachbuilt collections to rare Ferrari models that have never before been seen in the United Kingdom. From Jaguars to Aston Martin’s, Ferraris to Lambourghinis, Bentleys to Maseratis, this luxury car exposition has something for everyone, and the opportunities to admire and even purchase your own luxury car here abound.

The Concours of Elegance is a best in show exposition that allows you to admire the very finest in rare and vintage luxury automobiles. Many of the showings at the Concours of Elegance have never before been seen in the United Kingdom, making this an exclusive and top-tier event that many will never have the chance to experience. Finely tuned cars, perfectly polished exteriors, and smooth and supple interiors will be a few of the many dazzling features on show at the Concours, not to mention the impressive Specialists Showcase which will allow you to walk away with your very own luxury automobile at the end of the event. From start to finish, you’ll be surrounded by the best and brightest in luxury car design, a truly immersive experience in elegance.

Your hospitality experience at the Concours is immersive and elegant. Ticketholders will enjoy morning tea, coffee and pastries, the Champagne Charles Heidsieck Reception, a 3-course lunch with fine wines, coffee and petits four, and afternoon cream tea as part of their visit to the Concours of Elegance. Seated on the rolling lawn of the Hampton Palace, you’ll have the perfect view of the automobiles as well as a lovely enclosure to rest or socialize in with other elite attendees. This is a top-notch experience that would make the perfect gift or vacation for the car-lover in your life.

Image credit: Max Earey


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