Best Luxury Concierge Services 2020

Courtesy of the Covid-19 lockdown, people are soliciting as many escapist ventures as they can. Such ventures include RV rentals, which have significantly risen since March, yachting, which has also experienced a seismic rise, and — for those in a position to afford it — soliciting professional concierge services.

‘Concierge’ – derived from the French term Comte des Cierges, literally ‘the one who lights the candles’ – already espouses an escapist and exclusive ring. At a time when the entire world is holding its breath, digitally maintaining such a relationship proves a comforting, even empowering, proposition.

Divided into the categories of ‘Personal’ and ‘Corporate’, luxury concierge services can take control of your entire life. Tailor-made per your exact specifications, such services ensure schedules with respect to vacations, restaurant reservations, travel and transportation services, general aesthetic, and even financial plans. Such responsibilities require a great level of trust from the consumer, hence we’ve provided information about several firms with sparkling reputations and reviews, and state-of-the-art services.

Pure Entertainment Group

Boasting the tagline ‘Welcome to Your World,’ the French-Canadian conglomerate has enjoyed considerable success and demand since its inception in 2007. Its self-proclaimed, ‘tailor-made’ services include self-described ‘unique experiences’ coupled with standard travel, VIP access, dining, shopping, and transportation opportunities.


As its name entails, Quintessentially has kept its reputation spotless since its founding in early 2000. Tailored for memorable corporate events, its services include private party events, real estate and travel, and art and education. A highlight in this spirit includes a memorable dinner event that took place on a literal iceberg.

Nota Bene

As unique as its origin, Nota Bene was not as a concierge service, but a lifestyle magazine. Naturally, this means the subsequent services may know a thing or two about unique and memorable experiences that are both luxurious and ‘far from the madding crowd. ‘ They specializing in unique and tailor-made experiences in the fields of real estate and travel.

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