CBD after Covid-19

Jeff Spicoli must be rolling over in his grave.

Who would have known that the CBD industry would not only become in legal in 2018, but that it may also be our saving grace for the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020?

Studies have recently shown CBD industry products may address the most fatal aspect of the Covid-19 disease, with Israel leading the pharmaceutical charge. Scientific groups have highlighted marijuana’s CBD component, coupled with the drug’s terpene compounds, stifling so-called ‘cytokine storms’ – i.e. the body attacking its own cellular structures.

This offshoot of Covid-19 infection has proven the most egregious for the five million infectious cases nationwide, and presently one hundred and sixty two thousand deaths. Such potential only solidifies the argument for the CBD industry’s continued legal existence, with product values likely soaring in the years to come.

The CBD industry has always had a precarious relationship with the federal government. The infamous phrase “Good people don’t smoke marijuana” from former attorney general, Jeff Sessions, has essentially confirmed the remaining animosity towards the leaf. The concept of the CBD industry being life-saving, regardless of supposed consumer character, adds only another wrinkle in the anarchic canvas of post-2016 politics and culture.

Perhaps such a prospect, formerly branded ludicrous, suggests an even brighter future, not only for cannabis, but also for the American discourse on drugs and penalizations for classified substances. The economic effects of Covid-19 are debilitating enough that such conversations, among a milieu of others, won’t only be necessary, but also mandated.

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