Creating Your Own Bathroom

From Luxurious and Spa-Like to Clean and Modern

A quintessential part of a healthy lifestyle is hygiene and revitalization. A home is incomplete without a place where our bodies can be refreshed on a regular basis. Your bathroom should be a place where you can positively start and end your day — somewhere that you can shut the door, step into the bathtub, and get the nourishing, cleansing feeling of a bubble bath and a break from all life’s worries.

If your existing bathroom doesn’t inspire feelings of renewal, then you should consider creating a bathroom suited to your own specifications — a modern and comfortable place of luxury, relief, and healthful living. Call it a spa, a Jacuzzi or simply a bathroom; it’s your haven.

Below are some features that you can find in every luxurious and modern bathroom.

1. Space and convenience

Most times, bathrooms are small and sized for utility. A larger bathroom is a luxury in every sense. The bathroom of a house is most likely one of the few places that offers a real sense of relaxation, and spaciousness is an added advantage. Consider a sizeable space for your bathroom depending on family size and other related factors. A spacious bathroom allows for fixtures, accessories, decor and more, without creating a sense of clutter.

2. Texture

The feeling of touch is sensational. Whether your feet are met with smooth stone or a plush rug,  it’s all about the texture! The feel and appearance of every material in your bathroom — mats and towels, wall and floor surfaces — should inspire your own personal brand of relaxation.

3. Materials

Modern luxurious bathrooms use gorgeous, natural materials on the walls and floor. Natural materials give a feeling of serenity and lasting quality. Selection of bathroom materials should be based on preferences, cost and comfort.

4. Ventilation and lighting

Lighting has a profound effect on the overall ambiance of your bathroom. Whether you prefer low light or bright, it can set the atmosphere. Consider task lighting as well, especially over — or at the sides of — a mirror. You need good lighting if you are putting on make-up, or trying to achieve a close shave. Additionally, natural ventilation (depending on the location of the house) adds a special airy effect to the space. Both air and light bring a sense of tranquility into your bathroom.

5. Details and design

Your definition of luxury can be expressed in the design details of your bathroom. A walk-in shower, a fireplace, a sofa, a tray with candles, a tufted gold bathtub, plants — are all details that personalize a bathroom space. Wall and floor designs are an intricate part of personal taste; every detail should be unique.

While creating your own bathroom based on these luxury features, keep in mind what the essence of luxury, relief, and revitalization means to you. For help realizing your vision, consider consulting our professional design services for the best of bathroom designs.

Who knows, maybe, just like Archimedes, you’ll have your own “Eureka!” moment while relaxing in the bathtub!

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