Diamonds: The Perfect Accessory

Ever since medieval times, rings have been used as the perfect statement of royalty, luxury, and elegance. Rings were once specialty goods only made for kings and queens, wrought with fine jewels and metals and presented as gifts of true honor, specialty, and refinement. They were used to sign documents, to send messages, and to demonstrate to anyone who crossed their paths that the individual was one of high-class, status, and elegance. Today, rings continue to send a message of luxury, refinement, and sheer elegance. Three of our top favorite rings can be worn by many different people and encapsulate everything it means to be a luxury ring and a luxury accessory.

The first luxe ring in our collection of favorites is this top-quality Emerald and Diamond ring with a broad band. Each authentic gemstone here is set in an alternate, checkerboard pattern, allowing you to explore both emerald green and sparkling diamond tones in equal measure in this stunning ring. The bejeweled band is broad and thick, creating a statement on your finger without overwhelming or being likely to fall off. This ring evokes images of royalty of old, when broad and bejeweled rings were often kissed as a sign of respect and gifted to people of the ultimate status and luxury. Wearable by men or women, this elegant Emerald and Diamond ring is a high-class accessory that positively drips in luxury and class.

Another popular luxury ring is the simple Asscher-cut diamond ring. Perfect as an engagement ring or wedding band, this stunning statement ring is decorated with authentic diamond stones that radiate class and sophistication. This is a multi-karat ring that provides nothing but the best in terms of luxe shine and wear and makes the perfect engagement gift to a loved one or family heirloom to be passed down from mother to daughter and granddaughter. With this glamorous Asscher Cut Diamond ring on your finger, everyone will know from miles away that you have the perfect taste in luxury accessories.

The Heart Diamond Engagement ring rounds out our collection of favorite luxury rings. This diamond shape is innovative and fun, making the perfect engagement ring for someone who wants to stand out from the ordinary. The beauty of the heart diamond ring is that it’s set in pure gold but features a diamond stone, creating a lovely contrast of fine metals that draws the eye in almost immediately. The jaw-dropping pure diamond in the center catches the light in a crystallic way, reflecting shivers of rainbow light everywhere and demonstrating true luxury and class to all who see it.

Whether these luxury rings draw your eye in or you’re drawn to another popular style, never forget that rings are the original luxury accessory. With hundreds of fine metals, authentic gemstones, and original designs to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect luxury ring of your dreams and enjoy the beauty, class, elegance, and sophistication your new luxury accessory will bring you.

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