High Fashion

haute couture and trendsetting elegance

High fashion and luxury are two ideas that go hand in hand for many people. Fashion houses like Gucci, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel, and Versace continue to innovate new fashion trends and incredible, luxe imagery that tantalizes the eye and creative senses. From historic designs and colorings to innovative new makeup and fashion styles and prints, high fashion sets the standard for luxury, beauty and fashion elegance wherever you look.

Some images have become synonymous with high fashion over time, such as the popular and recognizable Louis Vuitton prints. The namesake Louis Vuitton of Louis Vuitton first became famous in 1854 when he began creating trunks and other fashionable luggage and accessories branded with his own name. His creations soon expanded to a full fashion house that quickly became one of the most valuable and collectible luxury brands in the world. A recognizable global status symbol, the iconic Louis Vuitton monogram print carries an instant connotation of class and luxury.



In contrast to the historic fashion legacy of Louis Vuitton, modern brands like Dior have begun making a name for them-selves in the international fashion world. Begun by designer Christian Dior, the house of Dior launched its first collection in 1947 and exploded onto the Parisian fashion scene by introducing feminine flair and luxury to fashion, especially in the wake of recent wartime fabric and style restrictions. Today, Dior’s legacy is that of the Designer of Dreams, one who presents haute couture and trendsetting elegance at every show and with every contemporary style collection.

Of course, you don’t need to be from a historic, decades old fashion house to be high fashion. Many traditional fashions from certain cultures or individual color combinations and style can still be considered high fashion even if they come from relative anonymity. Many cultural trends or patterns are considered to be high fashion and influence a number of designs in higher fashion houses, particularly colorful or tribal influenced designs. On the other hand, classic combinations of red and leather or elegant, simple, and glamorous looks and accessories continue to be considered the pinnacle of fashion no matter who wears them or how.

Modern high fashion is turning to street wear as the next new emblem of luxury and class. Gone are the days of tight corsets, gowns, and towering heels: today’s high fashion is that of bucket hats, subdued tones, fun prints, and comfortable clothing that’s effortlessly styled and easily worn at home, at work, or during travel. High couture street wear can be seen in every major fashion house and in almost every fashion lover’s closet, cementing street wear as the latest staple in a long line of luxury collections that demonstrate the very best of high fashion.

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