How To Stay Fit During Quarantine: The Best At-Home Equipment

It’s been an unfortunate and unprecedented time since the wake of COVID-19. Many of us have had to quarantine and social distance for months at this point. Additionally, gyms and performance facilities are closed in majority across the globe, Especially in LA.

This has left us with two options: Find a way to continue to stay fit and healthy, or let our health go to waist and blame it on the situation of the pandemic. To be honest, both are sufficient reasons, however, I would tend to lean towards to former if you want to continue to stay happy and positive!

Numerous recommendations have come from the CDC since this pandemic has taken over our lives, and one of those recommendations have been: to get 150 minutes of activity per week. That equates to about five 30 minute sessions, or three 45 minute sessions per week.

But without gyms open, how are you supposed to continue to stay fit and exercise?

Well, the best part is that you can actually get incredible workouts in without any gym equipment at all. High intensity interval training with just your bodyweight is known to do the trick!

However, in this article, we’re going to be going over a few of the must-have items for your ultimate home-gym workout!

Let’s get into it.


It’s been known to be quite difficult to get your hands on a pair of dumbbells during quarantine. Not only is much of the mail carrier service backed-up or inactive, but those that are have sold out of their stock in the first days of lockdown…

However, if you can somehow get your hands on an adjustable dumbbell or two, you’ll be having better workouts than 90% of the population during quarantine!


Similarly to dumbbells, kettlebells are just as versatile, if not more versatile than its predecessor – the dumbbell. Additionally, you can get adjustable kettlebells as well!

Having the ability to adjust the weight of a single dumbbell or kettlebell gives you the unique blessing of having the equivalent of an entire weight rack in your home! If you can get your hands on an adjustable kettlebell, or just a regular kettlebell for that matter, you’ll not only save on money BUT you’ll also save yourself from losing those gains.

Jump Rope

If you’re stuck indoors, OR if you live in LA and have the blessing of enjoying some consistently great weather, having access to a simple jump rope is a fantastic way to work on your cardio.

Incorporate it into your HIIT workout, or jump to your hearts desire exclusively for 10-30 minutes. You’ll leave feeling sweaty and satisfied.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are arguably the best, most versatile piece of home-gym equipment there is. They can be used in multiple facets, and come in a variety of sizes and resistance levels.

The best part? They can be stored with ease and won’t clutter your apartment. Take them on the go OR stay put and get a quick pump on in your LA apartment!

Whatever exercise you can imagine, you can probably accomplish them with resistance bands. From bicep curls to seated rows, and from squats to shoulder press’, the options are endless with resistance bands.

No matter what exercise you decide to do during quarantine, be sure to make it sweaty! Stay committed, stay positive, and stay moving!

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