Living Well Job-Free

It’s a somewhat contradictory position – living a comfortable life without a job; yet, it is possible, provided of course such a proposition isn’t an indefinite plan. There are a specific set of precepts to maintaining a stable position – all dictated by simple practicality. The first arguably would be budgeting where you spend the majority of your savings. Look around your immediate environment, eliminate any unneeded comforts. The goal is to maintain a juxtaposition of living as frugally as possible, enabling space for money to be used for groceries, bill payments, transportation, and a limited scope of activities.

A key component to living without a job successfully is understanding your position isn’t finite. Constantly be looking for work opportunities, volunteer at a local business, write for an online website. Build a portfolio of work you can show for the future job interview. There’s something Taoist about your position – by securing the potential for tomorrow, you leave room for opportunities and enjoyment today. With respect to realizing the latter, it may require you to narrow your horizons.

Living without a job successfully also depends upon your retaining little to no debt. In the world of today, there are numerous potholes one can fall into with respect to borrowing and debt payments, at worst leading to near-poverty and homelessness.

Understanding the precariousness of your situation remains paramount, as others will count on that naivety and exploit it accordingly. Utilize your social contacts accordingly – knowing people will be everything, whether it concerns long-term housing or potential employment.

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