Managing Children’s Anxiety During Covid-19

Activities for children with anxiety have never been more important during this time of crisis, particularly with clinically normative reactions to effects of illness, social unrest, disruption of routine, and social isolation. It is crucial to both adapt and restructure typical household models so they remain as consistent as possible. The precepts below have been introduced as a guide to maintaining a sense of normalcy for your children, without deprivation of necessary information and ability for self-expression through play

1. Status-Quo

Have your children retain a schedule in the form of a regular school day.

2. Healthy Habits

Maintain hygiene, ensuring healthy diet and media intake.

3. Engagement

Listen and play with your children ensuring a sense of safety and security.

4. Honesty

An ability to carefully and concisely stress the urgency of the situation is paramount, without inducing anxiety. (See with 3).

5. Role Modeling

Children need adults to reflect how to manage a potentially unsafe environment.

6. Communication

Teaching children how to utilize safe techniques through fun and engaging activities such as songs, storybooks, or orally told bedtime stories.

7. Empowerment

Help your children see they can make a difference by following protocol.

8. Community

Ensure your children continue to practice kindness, tolerance, and curiosity.

9. Patience

Communicate to children potential neglect of necessary protocols in a clear but reassuring manner, without inducing anxiety.

10. Creative Outlets

Now is a time more than ever to help children express themselves through activities such as art, writing, or music.

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