The Glamorous Charm of Fashion Vogue and Global Fashion Trends

Fashion is all about the updated trends. It’s not only about how we dress, but also about our personalities and how we carry those personalities when stylish, glamour and up-to-date trends are added. Fashion is an artwork, and you are an artist.

As the global pandemic Corona outbreak has deflected a full stop globally, do you think the charisma of Fashion is gradually vanishing?

Do people still like to be dressed up and flex what they have got?

The answer is yes!

The armor to survive the actuality of everyday life is Fashion, and fashion trends are still in, taking the world by their vogue, charm, and enchantment. Beauticians, stylists, fashionistas have been successfully strengthening their fashion game classier than ever by quarantining themselves at home.

The captivating first virtual London fashion week that happened this quarantine makes the history of fashion trends 2020, but will never be forgotten for centuries. London is now the first city to take Fashion to a whole new level and reset the fashion calendar.

In the world of glamour, the Fashion and beauty blogger Rossie Connolly reached the milestone of 336,000 Followers on Instagram. Rossie Connolly is from Ireland, and her wardrobe is full of impressive labels and designers’ brands.

Did you know…

Black Pink’s hanbok costumer designer stated in an interview that she is looking forward to introducing Hanbok as a global trend. The word “Hanbok” has caught up the fire, especially in America’s united states, mainly due to the Black Pink and BTS appearances in Hanbok. These idols group have a massive fan following overseas. The increased popularity of Kpop and Netflix show “Kingdom” also has a vital role in Hanbok’s popularity. Many overseas and the domestic audience became familiar with Korean traditional clothing.

What is VR in Fashion?

Can Virtual reality have a contribution to play in a world of Fashion? For years VR has been used in science fiction movies, video games, education. But now it’s time for Fashion. Here is the most cooling virtual reality fashion business you can try on. Dior Try On will allow you to try on sunglasses through their smartphones. Sephora L’Oreal Rimmel will enable apps to like modiface to test out lipsticks using photos and videos on their smartphone. BalmainVr an app that allows you to rejoice yourself by reality content and live streams of its runway show behind the fashion show’s scene.

Do you know who is the best-dressed guy on TikTok?

19 year old Wisdom Kaye from Houston, Texas, with more than 2 million followers, has become the most famous icon on TikTok. Kaye’s approach to the latest fashion trends and styling made his videos attractive and informative.

One-Stop-Shop for African Fashion?

Industry has launched over two years but now is known for a one-stop-shop for Africans with 80 brands from 24 different African countries.

Trends you can’t miss.

Trends are like people they come and go, but these fashion trends 2020 staples are must-have now and always for women. A crisp white button-down shirt, straight leg jeans with black pumps or sneakers, oversized blazer with leather pants & jeans, and finally, a trench coat is versatile and never goes out of style. These staples are evergreen and will make you look bold and confident at the same time.

Want more fashion drama?

Want to know where Kate Middleton, the duchess of Cambridge, made an appearance wearing her $875 silk shirtdress from the label Beulah London? Well, it certainly wasn’t Kansas. Woot, Woot!

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