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Everyone uses the word, but what is true luxury?

Webster defines luxury as a sumptuous environment or something adding to pleasure or comfort, but not absolutely necessary. Yes. And no…with the latter half of that illustration, we gently take exception.

At Hills Views & Valleys luxury is not an option, it is essential. It is a mind-set. It is a lifestyle. It is attainable in nearly every aspect of life, and deserved by all.

Is there an art to luxury?

Indeed, there is. It is found in the choices made each day and the style of life sought. From business owner to billionaire, each path should be filled with pleasure along the way, no matter the trade or the trust fund.

In every moment of life there is an opportunity for luxury and it is discovered and displayed on the silk laminated pages of our library-like publication. Hills Views & Valleys seeks and delivers to our readers the finest that life has to offer in every way.

Let us re-define luxury for you and for your life. Let us illustrate how life is enriched by finding joy in luxury for not just the special occasions in your life, but the glorious habit of finding luxury in every task and in every moment of every day.

Live just a little bit more. Life is not a dress rehearsal. Let us show you the best life has to offer.


Luxury Redefined

Hills Views & Valleys
Jan/ Feb 2021

$9.95 US/CAD

Premier Edition

Hills Views & Valleys
Aug / Sept. 2020

$5.95 US/CAD