Your Path to Rock Success: Becoming a Guitarist or Instrumental Musician

In California there’s certainly no shortage of musicians and musician wanna-be’s. Many people move to California every year in search of stardom, and there are endless advertisements for lead singers, entertainers, performers, and would-be stars in search of their big break. For many, this means finding the perfect band to sing for or the perfect performing troupe to sign with. However, this also means the music industry is saturated with singers and vocal performers. If you’re ready to become the next big thing in music or rock music, you might actually find more success with guitar. Take the next step to stardom by following these steps to become the best guitar player in Cali!

1.Figure Out Your Target Niche

What type of music do you want to perform? Answering that question will help you decide what your niche market and performance style can be. Are you a rock musician, or more of an indie performer? Do you want to write and perform your own songs or join an existing group or band and learn their repertoire? Knowing exactly what your goals are can help you target your skills and practice.

2.Get Started With A Teacher

Guitar can be a hard skill to master on your own. Many people are successful self-taught guitar artists, but if you’re starting later in life it can be hard to find the motivation or drive to continue practicing and learning. Finding a good teacher to guide you, help you practice, and hold you accountable will help you get started on your own self-directed path to success.

3.Set Practice Schedules

The biggest, easiest, and simplest way to get good at guitar quickly is to practice. Practice is absolutely essential to honing your skills and developing a robust repertoire of skills, drills, and songs that you can play. If you don’t practice, you won’t make any progress with your guitar abilities, and you’ll find that becoming a successful musician is far harder if you don’t have the skills to back yourself up!

4.Listen to Other Musicians

All of musical history has been inspired and draws richly from the contributions of others. Being able to learn from what previous musicians have done helps you develop a baseline from which you can develop your own unique and special style. Listen to the classics of whatever genre you’ve chosen to practice in and try to play them yourself. Learn from what they’ve done and continue to work on building off their knowledge.

  1. Record Yourself

The best way to improve your skills over time is to record yourself and listen to what you’re doing. Your recording will likely expose some weak spots in your own playing that will help you identify where you can improve. The more you record, the more comfortable you become with the process, and the easier it will be down the road to record and perform for audiences!

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