Board Games: How to Put Together the Perfect Cheeseboard for Summer

Board Games: How to Put Together the Perfect Cheeseboard for Summer

Summer is the best time to get your groove on when it comes to mixing up a fruit and cheese board into something clever, wacky, enticing and delicious.

Call it a charcuterie board or a cheese board, it doesn’t matter. The secret behind conquering the board game is being creative and offering your guests a wide variety of treats.

Seasonality matters too. Blue cheese hazelnuts and dried cranberries might be ideal for a winter appetizer board, but you’ll want to go for livelier and more vibrant flavors during the warm season.


You Can’t Have a Board Without Cheese
Cheese is a crowd-pleaser and, more often than not, the star on every board. Still, with hundreds of different types of cheese available, finding the right ones might be burdensome. A summer board should be all about fresh ingredients and bright flavors, so look for creamy goat’s cheese, gooey Brie, crumbly Feta and even a few pieces of string cheese; there’s no room for stinky cheese on these boards.
If you wish to add some contrast, serve hard cheese like Manchego or Edam, there’s nothing wrong with that, just don’t overdo it — this board is about wide-eyed and bushy-tailed flavors, nothing too serious.

The Supporting Actors
Cheese is only half the story; just as you would add dried fruits and nuts to a winter board, garnish your summer boards with fresh fruits and seeds — grapes, berries, and roasted pumpkin seeds can take your board to the next level. If you’re throwing in some olives, which also typical in any board, serve them with a splash of lemon juice to bring out their fruitiness.
Cured meat is a classic, but instead of laying down a few slabs of Serrano ham, roll melon wedges and asparagus with prosciutto! Talking about veggies, Caprese mini skewers are as colorful as they’re enticing. Alternate between cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cubes and basil leaves for the prettiest finger food you’ve seen.
Think out of the box, substitute bread with flatbread and add some peach or watermelon slices too. Putting together a cheese board is all about combining colors, flavors and textures, and there’s no right or wrong here, the sky’s the limit!

Round Up Your Experience With Wine
A cheese or charcuterie board is just as good as the wine you serve it with, and unless you’re offering a chilled Pinot or a cherry-scented Beaujolais, forget about red. Summer is all about thirst-quenching Vermentino and Pino Grigio, herbal Sauvignon Blanc or floral Chenin. Rosé and sparkling wines are also fantastic choices; they’re stylish, boozy and refreshing. Make sure you enjoy them ice cold.
Did someone say cocktails? Yes, this is the time to show off your bartending skills, so put on your mixologist hat and craft a few drinks. Go for citrus flavors and clear spirits, fresh herbs and fruit. Leave that eighteen-year Highland whiskey in the cabinet.
Whatever you chose to serve to eat and drink, make an effort to create an atmosphere, an experience. That’s the board game, and you’ll surely excel at it.

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