Summer soirees, dining al fresco, days spent lounging poolside or á la chaise, it often leads to decadent temptations. One question we all ask ourselves is, how can I enjoy my summer lifestyle while still maintaining my healthy weight?

Image Credit: Keverne Denahan

Imagine this. Memories of childhood ice cream cones on a hot summer day. Sand in your toes or delivery poolside, ice cream dripping down your hands as you savor your special treat.

Present day. Adult. Hot Day. Still dreaming of that ice cream cone you always got when you were little. But now you are more weight-conscious so you hesitate to have any. What if you could have that moment back but instead enjoy a healthy, cool and creamy dessert? Indulgent decadence with no fear of reprisals real or imagined.

Introducing your new favorite summer dessert for 2021. Frozen blended banana and peanut butter ice cream. Three ingredients. (how-to steps at the end of this article.)

How did this dessert come about? Well, for starters, as the writer, I am currently enrolled with Noom to manage weight loss. If you’re like me, you gained a few pounds over the last year and it’s time to do something about it.

On their App, the Coaches are always coming up with enlightening recipes and tips for meals and desserts that will satisfy your sweet and savory cravings.

One day, I was inspired by a suggestion for frozen bananas in a blender as a dessert. I. Wanted. Something. Sweet.

For me, frozen bananas weren’t creamy enough, so I added some 1% milk. Suddenly, I had this incredible, creamy blend of banana peanut butter ice cream that was TDF.

A WOW moment. I noted to myself, this is a keeper. I am serving this at dinner parties. This is my new summer treat to House Guests. You may not find this on a Michelin Star Menu or at a Five Star Resort, but you should because it has all the decadence and luxury you would expect from them.

After creating my ice cream, I went to the Head Honcho at Noom, Dr. Andreas Michaelides, Ph.D., Chief of Psychology to discover if this was something I can really eat while dieting. He shares his thoughts and some info about how the Noom psychology approach works.

Q: Desserts and special treats, what are some solutions?

“Noom believes that there is no such thing as “unhealthy” foods. Health boils down to portion size and the overall context of our lives. With that in mind, enjoy a moderate amount of treats! Decide ahead of time what choices will align with your goals then enjoy those plans.”

Q: So, if I can eat dessert while doing Noom, why do people gain weight?

1. People will find themselves eating without awareness.
2. People also try extreme diets.
3. Many people fall into eating patterns that they don’t know how to break.”

Q: How is Noom different?

“We focus on creating a lifestyle change, Our psychology-based program teaches people how to identify these barriers and create sustainable habits.

Now it makes sense. You can have that decadent dessert as long you have the right portion and trade it off in calories with other food eaten that day. But the best scenario is to create a healthy indulgent dessert. Full circle back to the Frozen Banana Peanut Butter Ice Cream.

Want to know how you can indulge this summer? Combine two frozen bananas, ½ c 1% or 2% milk, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, blend, once creamy consistency, serve and INDULGE.

Enjoy your summer!

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