Downtown Los Angeles Resurgences With a Building Boom

When thinking of downtown Los Angeles, it is easy to think of a sleepy corner of the city inundated with buildings long since left alone in the shadow of their former glory. But all that is swiftly changing with the blossoming of the recent development boom, as the skyline becomes filled with the buzz of construction and begins to resemble the bustle of the roaring twenties – the last time the area stood proudly in the spotlight.

Since then, lack of innovation has left the former office district largely unused and tired, but the increasing metropolitan lifestyles of the younger generation has led to an increasing demand of residential units in the middle of the city. Young professionals have started to increasingly step away from life in the suburbs in favour of a work-hard-play-hard mindset in the city. And who can blame them when life in the city promises an end to long commutes with frustrating amounts of traffic and the lack of entertainment that an inner-city life can provide.

It is this very demand for luxury housing that has led to the revival of the district through largescale construction of apartments and renovation and repurposing of older buildings. It has been projected that more than 7000 residential units will be developed in the area with 35,000 potentially on their way in the future. 3 million square feet of office space is also under construction with an extra 3.5 million also being proposed for the future. This will bring an estimated 125,000 residents to the area and 55,000 jobs by 2040. This will aid the improvement of local infrastructure such as public transport as the local economy will be given the opportunity to blossom.

The beginning of the building boom in the downtown district is largely believed to have begun at the 1999 opening of the Staples Centre which also conveniently marked the passing of the Adaptive Reuse Ordinance which paved the way for developers to convert old buildings for particular uses far easier than before. If development continues on its current upward trajectory, the district could soon blossom into its own city within a city in the next few decades. The luxurious high-rises currently being constructed that will provide homes to thousands of Californians and foreign investors will bring their own uses to the area, with many boasting amenities to be jealous of, such as gyms, dog runs, rooftop and indoor swimming pools and, most temptingly, 360 degrees views of the blossoming city.

While some critics argue that the injection of luxurious life and designer commerce into the area doesn’t account for low income families and those living with smaller pay checks, the good that these buildings will do to the area is also undoubtable. And with the overwhelming popularity of the upcoming apartment buildings meaning that available units will soon be snapped up quick, if you’re looking to swap suburban life for the hustle and bustle of the city, you should seriously think about basing yourself in the blossoming Downton district so you can enjoy all the highlights of being a city slicker.

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