The Sky is the Limit With These Luxury High-Rise Apartment Picks

Are you searching for a luxurious home in the middle of the city to enjoy all the attributes of the high life with beautiful views and modern furnishings abound? If so, then enjoy our top picks of the best luxury high-rise apartment complexes in Los Angeles to find the perfect place for you to enjoy the city from.

If you want an apartment that can take the boring necessities of love off your hands then Argyle house may be the perfect place for you. As a new, 18-story tower in a great location, the apartment itself is beautifully decorated and boasts gorgeous views of both the capitol records building and the Hollywood sign for you to impress your guests with. The complex also includes an outdoor dining area, dog run, swimming pool and a host of BBQs for you to use to entertain and enjoy the Californian sunshine. But the most tempting amenity that the apartment complex offers is the rent-included opportunity to have your weekly shopping delivered straight to your apartment and unpacked for you into your refrigerator and cupboards. Your laundry can also be delivered straight from the cleaners into your closets to prevent your ever having to lift a finger, leaving you more time to focus on enjoying your beautiful new apartment.

If you’re interested in immersing yourself in the outdoorsy experience of living in California from your own home then look no further than the two completed condominium high-rises of Metropolis on Francisco Street. Through means of a wide, shared deck which hosts a large swimming pool, a plush grassy area with scattered trees and a space specifically meant for walking your beloved pets, you can experience the great outdoors from the comfort of your own apartment building without ever having to leave your complex.

Another option for the more outdoorsy among you who prefer a more centralised location is the 99 at Grand Hope Park which overlooks the park itself while being surrounded by street level shops and restaurants. Its wide 8th floor deck is a private park which is home to an impressive 85 trees and more then 1000 plants which are suitable for the enjoyment of you, your pets and even your children as lawn games such as croquet can also be enjoyed here. And of course, it wouldn’t be a luxury high-rise without your being able to enjoy a swimming pool, outdoor cinema, gas BBQs, balconies and a rooftop clubhouse for tenants. You really will be spoiled for choice!

If you’re looking for a firmer touch of modernity in your new home to help you relax after a long day then maybe the Griffin on Spring is for you. Residing in a freshly renovated 20th century, 24-story office building previously considered “the wall street of the west” this 320-unit apartment building injects luxurious modern design in with the characteristic historic. As such, the complex has a swimming pool, sundeck, fitness centre, yoga room and an observatory rooftop lounge for you to find some quiet within the bustle of the city and re-center yourself.

Whatever type of luxurious, high-rise home you’re looking for, Los Angeles has the exact type style to suit your needs.

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