Escape to the City of Catalina Island, a Celebrity-Endorsed Paradise

It’s easy to understand why Catalina Island, a beautiful paradise just off the coast of California, has been a staple for holidaying Californians over the years with over one million people travelling there a year to enjoy the sun and the sites. With its beautiful views and coastlines at every turn, it’s the perfect way to escape the city and get some fresh coastal air without having to trek too far from home.

The spot is potentially most famous for its popularity over the years as a holiday destination for the stars due to its proximity to Hollywood, with legends such as Clark Gable and Natalie Wood having stayed there. The location has also been used for filming in a host of different films throughout the years and even once became home to the glamourous Marilyn Monroe and her first husband James Dougherty for several months.

If you want to escape to the wilderness while on holiday and are interested in the local flora and fauna on the island, you’ll be pleased to know that the island is home to all kinds of introduced and native wildlife. Breeds such as the Island fox, ground squirrel and ornate shrew can be searched for in the underbrush. If you’re lucky you might even see some local mule deer or bison too! If you’re more interested in the delights of the ocean, then you’ll be happy to know that glass boat tours regularly go out on the water to tour the reefs buzzing with impressive aquatic life. But if you prefer a more hands-on approach to experiencing wildlife then try your hand scuba diving or snorkelling in the popular locations of Lover’s Cove and Descanso Beach, or take to Casino Point to enjoy an underwater dive park if you’re a bit more of an adrenaline junkie. While tourists rarely find opportunities to surf, two beaches on the backside of the island do offer good waves if you’re able to bring your own equipment and take to the water.

There’s lots of fun for the family too with the island being home to both Camp Cherry Valley and Camp Emerald Bay so the kids can play in the great outdoors while you catch a tan with a refreshing drink in hand. If you’re looking to soak in as much culture as sun rays while on holiday then take a trip to the Catalina museum which acts as the hub and protector of the cultural heritage of the island. With over 100,000 items, 10,000 photos, an extensive pottery collection, ship models and more within the museum, you’ll be spoilt for choice regardless of your tastes. Enjoy special events there as well, for the museum also acts as a venue for book signings, art exhibitions and concerts.

Catalina island is the perfect quiet escape from the bustle of California living and is home to a vast array of different experiences and pleasures for every member of the family, or even just yourself, to enjoy. Treat yourself with a little escape, step out of the city and book a trip there now with our recommendation.

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