Luxury Pet Hotels to Leave You Jealous of Your Pooch

It’s all too easy to feel guilty or nervous about leaving your beloved pets behind when you go away on a business trip or holiday, with fears of your dog feeling scared or bored with you gone. But with the surging popularity of luxury pet hotels hitting L.A over the last few years, your pet can now be left in a hotel so glamorous you’ll leave them feeling jealous that you won’t be staying there yourself.

If their mass of glowing reviews can be trusted, West Los Angeles’ WAG hotels will provide your pet the most comfortable stay possible through their offering of an array of services that include overnight boarding, doggie day-care, grooming and dog training. For the more premium packages, our pet’s room can be kitted out with a queen size bed, an app-controlled treat dispenser, a belly scratch and bedtime story before bed so that you can trust your beloved pet is getting all of the attention that they deserve in your absence. All the staff on hand are professionally trained in some of the best animal science programs in the country. Your pet’s experience at the hotel will be entirely customised depending on their specific needs so you need not worry about your furry friend becoming bored or overstimulated allowing you to enjoy your holiday without an ounce of guilt.

If you want your pet to experience luxury like never before then D Pet hotels may be the place for you with its offering 5-star luxury dog boarding with modern furnishings and exclusive experiences. Every single one of their suites come equipped with a flat screen TV with pet-friendly channels to soothe your pets so they can rest easily, and provide you the peace of mind in knowing that you’ve left them in the best hands possible. The facility also includes full time dog park staff, an indoor doggy gym built with custom equipment and a spa that can provide massages, styling and body wraps to name but a few. You can even opt for your furry friend to have a beautiful drive in a Ferrari, Lamborghini Gallardo, Bentley, Porsche or tolls Royce on their way to the facility if you so wish. You’ll be begging to join them!

If you’re concerned that your pet will become overly stressed being away from home then maybe the home-oriented luxury resort of Paradise Ranch is the pick for you. Not only does the institute enforce a cage-free stance for all their furry guests, they actually founded the concept and were the first fully licensed cage-free dog boarding facility in the United States, so you can trust that your beloved dog will be left in the best care possible. They argue that keeping a pet in any environment that doesn’t feel like an actual home is only going to cause stress, especially when coupled with forced isolation, so their resort is decorated in a homely fashion and allows their pets unlimited free play which, if your dog is sociable and becomes upset or distressed when left alone, may be perfect for you.

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