The Bentley: The Unexpected Car of LA’s Future

The car culture of Los Angeles has become a staple of the city, and while the busy traffic and blocked freeways are a constant source of complaint, the auto-culture is also integral to the historical culture of the city and the Bentley is making a name for itself at the roots of that culture.

Despite being a British company, their style and innovations in design and technology have managed to exemplify everything that LA has become to the locals and the people that flock there from afar. With the city becoming a hub of modern luxury mixed with vintage style, always taking inspiration to the retro of the glamour and sparkle of the past, it is only right that Bentleys exemplify much of the same attributes and features of design. By creating cars that have all the amenities of a modern piece of technology, the company has piqued our 21st century curiosity that always searches for the newest, greatest thing. But the classic style, the smooth edges, the metal trims and the leather interiors that are integral to their aesthetic brand all harks back to a time decades before without ever trying too hard or being something that it’s not. It is simple, understated, and effortlessly classy at every turn.

One Bentley car in particular that can be seen to be the new car that exemplifies Los Angeles’ retro simplicity and continuous modern technological innovation is Bentley’s ‘Mulsanne’. It appears aesthetically to be a hybrid between a classic car in the 1950s with a classic movie star behind its wheels, and something the modern businessman with a keen eye and a sharp sense of style would enjoy riding to and from work in the city. It acts as a successful example of combining respect for understated style with the continual attempts at innovation to create a high performing car that is as aesthetically beautiful as it is a pleasure to drive.

Bentley also hints that the future of the Mulsanne lies in the exciting technological advance of being all-electric. It is small but important details such as this that makes it difficult to believe that this car wasn’t specifically designed for Los Angeles from the start of its conception. A turn to electric cars has become a long-lasting fixture in Los Angeles’ interest in green, clean living and with the Mulsanne’s potential to contribute to this, it’s becoming as native to the culture as it appears. If you’re looking for a luxury car to add to your collection or add a bit of classic style to your automobile collection, Bentley is most definitely the company you should be keeping an eye on.

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