What We Can Learn from the Global Pandemic

Everyone strives for good health. Some devote much of their day to fitness and others follow strict dietary guidelines. Most of us fall someplace on that spectrum. What might we learn from these past weeks of trying to avoid the Covid-19 virus?

No one could believe how many times we all touch our faces each day. Everyone does it and, try as we might, it is a really hard habit to break. But perhaps we will take away from this disaster a reduction in this aspect of transmission. It is something that we can and should be more aware of. Medics know to not touch their faces, but most of us have never been faced with this situation before.

More frequent hand washing? Yes, and we are on it. We now seem to really understand the importance of this action and how it protects ourselves and others. Hand sanitizer may become a pantry staple in everyone’s home after suffering the shortages we have endured.

Sneezing and coughing into our arms? Oh, please, yes. Let us keep up that habit and teach our youngsters this fine element of both manners and hygiene. We could end up cutting the transmission of colds and flu forever. Win-win!

Could we realize that locally sourced foods might be a better plan for us all? Rather than rely upon huge factory farms and processing plants, local farms and more humane treatment of animals is really something worth striving for. Local and organic farming has been shown to have a positive effect on the environment and consumers so possibly we can move toward more of that.

Though our lives have been dramatically impacted, we have all found a way to survive and to help others. Countless stories of strangers helping strangers show us each day that there is more good in humanity than not. We may have thought that, but the pandemic is reminding us of it each day.

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