Is There a Silver Lining to Covid-19?

Some people can find the good in anything. They can even find a silver lining in a series of bad events. The global pandemic certainly qualifies as a torrent of horrible events, yet perhaps some good will shine through when we are past this dangerous situation.

Certainly our economies and our lifestyles have been negatively impacted. Some of us have lost family members in the most tragic way. Careers are stalled. Jobs have been lost. Most of us are missing our family and our close friends. Even the simple pleasure of dining out, or catching a quick bite in the company of those we cherish, has been snatched from us all.

Simple acts of shopping, be it for necessary utilitarian items or the luxuries of life, are somewhat possible, but nearly require hazmat protection to plan the outing. But will we perhaps be left with some better processes and habits as a result of this experience?

Perhaps we have all truly learned how the simple cold and flu virus spreads? Will we continue the good habit of washing our hands more and help to stem the spread of less dangerous viruses among us? That would certainly be a good thing.

Will the airlines, schools, and other public transit systems continue to heavily sanitize the physical surfaces with which we all come into contact? That can only help us to live more safely and be healthier going forward.

Telemedicine can stay to save us all time and travel and a good deal of business meetings can still take place virtually. Mother earth has responded by clearing our skies and waters as humans are creating less traffic and fewer emissions.

If some, or all, of these and other practices can be incorporated into our lifestyles, it can really be a win-win for civilization and our fragile planet.

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